Izzo denies trying to conceal accusations against players

Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo emphatically denied ever trying to conceal allegations of physical and sexual assault against players in his program, saying Thursday the mere suggestion “makes me sick.”Speaking at Big Ten media day in Rosemont, Ill., Izzo spoke for the first time about allegations that were reported in January by ESPN. The report talked about a pattern of denying any assaults took place, failing to take action, and burying the allegations, which came against football and basketball players.The basketball program’s involvement centered on how Izzo dealt with two sexual assault allegations made against players, and it also detailed a misdemeanor physical assault allegation student assistant Travis Walton in early 2010.None of the assault cases led to criminal charges. Walton’s case was eventually reduced to littering.Izzo said on Thursday that while perhaps it could be argued that he should have gone beyond what the school required, “The procedures and policies were followed to the Nth degree.””The thought that I was going to hide something like what happened makes me sick,” Izzo said. “The thought of that makes me sick. It’s never been, it never was. That was the big complaint on me and (Mark) Dantonio and (Mark) Hollis. It was never hidden and it never will be hidden.”