NCAA charges ex-UConn coach Ollie with violations

Former Connecticut men’s basketball coach Kevin Ollie has been hit with an unethical conduct charge and other charges by the NCAA.Ollie and the university received notification from the NCAA on Friday of the charges. The most serious among them alleges that Ollie provided false information about phone calls that took place between a top recruit and former UConn players Ray Allen and Rudy Gay, ESPN reported.UConn fired Ollie, who led the Huskies to the national championship in 2014, on March 10, contending it was for just cause. Firing Ollie with cause would eliminate a buyout of almost $10 million per his contract, which was extended to run through 2021.According to ESPN, the NCAA contends Ollie also didn’t tell the truth about what he knew about the workouts led for players by Derek Hamilton, a professional trainer and Ollie’s friend.In all, according to the notice, Ollie was charged with violations that include exceeding limits on practice times, allowing unfair recruiting benefits and failing to monitor outside workouts, ESPN reported.Specifically, Ollie, 45, has been accused of arranging the calls between a five-star recruit and the former UConn players; having unallowed contact with a recruit; providing meals to recruits who were on unofficial visits; failing to monitor Hamilton; and providing Hamilton with football tickets, which was a violation because his son was eligible to be recruited.The university was not listed as a party to the charges.