Second Oregon player sues school, Taggart, NCAA

Another football player has sued the University of Oregon, former football coach Willie Taggart, the school’s former strength coach and the NCAA, alleging he suffered long-term effects from offseason workouts in 2017.Sam Poutasi, an offensive lineman who played as a redshirt sophomore in 2018, said the workouts caused him to be diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis and subsequently hospitalized. He is seeking $5 million in damages for what he termed “physical and emotional pain, inconvenience, loss of enjoyment of life, and diminishment of avocational abilities, in the past, present, and future.”Earlier in the week, former Oregon offensive lineman Doug Brenner filed an $11.5 million suit for negligence against the university, Taggart, former strength coach Irele Oderinde and the NCAA.Both Brenner and Poutasi contend the university was negligent in its failure to regulate, supervise or prohibit the workouts; that Taggart and Oderinde were negligent in conducting those workouts; and that the NCAA has failed in its oversight of coaches at NCAA schools.Taggart is now the head coach at Florida State, where Oderinde is on his staff.