Supreme Court’s ruling on sports betting is a game changer for American sports | Politi

The floodgates are open now. You want to place a bet on the Giants to win the Super Bowl? You’ll be able to do so legally, in a matter of weeks, at a shiny new sports book at Monmouth Park.But this isn’t going to stop there. You can, ahem, bet on that.Soon, you won’t have to make that drive to a racetrack or a casino — you’ll be able to visit a betting parlor in a shopping mall near your hometown. And, maybe sooner still, even that short trip will be unnecessary.Why drive anywhere when you can open an app on your phone and place your bet right there?Imagine a day when hundreds of Giants fans are placing that legal bet from their seats inside MetLife Stadium as their favorite team prepares to take the field for the opening kickoff. That would have seemed unthinkable even just a few years ago given the attitudes toward betting in this country.But it’s coming.The Supreme Court’s 7-2 decision in Murphy v. NCAA is a landmark moment for American sports and how we consume them. This doesn’t just pave the way for legalized sports betting in New Jersey, but does so for all states — and, make no mistake, Pennsylvania and New York and the rest are not going to let us have a little monopoly here.The NFL and the other professional leagues, the ones who have fought this battle in court for years, will quickly come around, too. They’ll want a piece of the action like everybody else — they are already lobbying states to give them an “integrity fee” as part of any legislation — and they’re going to discover that this decision was plenty good for their business, too.This isn’t just good news for the state’s coffers and the ailing horse racing industry that stands to benefit the most. This will be a boon for TV ratings, too, because nothing keeps eyeballs glued to a boring game like having a few bucks riding on the outcome.Pro sports are not going to be besieged with corruption despite all the righteous handwringing. Here’s a prediction that I won’t even bother to give odd ons: We’re going to look back on this day in just a few years and wonder, “What the heck was the big deal, anyway?”Full coverage of the Supreme Court rulingSociety will have largely accepted sports betting as part of life, much in the same way it has become a fixture in the United Kingdom. The whole conversation about the “integrity” of NFL games being compromised as a result is going to feel even more ridiculous than it does now.